Welcome to the fourth Baltic Winner Show, which will be held in the heart of Baltic States - Riga, Latvia. The concept of this show was approved in FIFe General Assembly 2015, when a proposal was carried to allow Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to annually organise a Baltic Winner Show in one of the three Baltic countries, under the same conditions as the Scandinavian Winner show.


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CFCA, FIFe Member in Latvia with great honour and pleasure welcomes cat friends from all over the world to participate in the fourtht Baltic Winner Show


May 18-19, 2019


Olympic SKONTO Hall, Emiļa Melngaiļa 1a, Riga, Latvia (map)


All cats must be qualified according to FIFe Show Rules, for more details click here

This will be a one certificate show. Judging and nominations will take place on Saturday, Best In Shows – on Sunday.

Cats must be present in their show cages at the show hall both days.

Certificates achieved in Baltic Winner Show will be considered as certificates obtained in any foreign country.

Each cat winning at the Best In Show will receive the Baltic Winner (BW) title. The winning cats will have the BW title registered in their pedigree placed before the full name and before possible Championship/Premiership titles of the cat.


Registration is open from January 21, 2019 till May 1, 2019.

Please send your entries and documents of qualification to shows@cfca.lv

Cats can be entered for the show before respective qualification is achieved. In this case, documents, which approve the qualification, must be sent to Show Secretary until May 12, 2019.

If the cancellation is sent till the closing date, entry fee will be returned in full amount. If the cancellation is sent after the closing date, entry fee will not be refunded – only in cases, when a statement from doctor or veterinarian is presented, 75% of the entry fee will be refunded.


For third and each next entry from the same owner -50% discount

Classes 01-12: 60 EUR per each entry; for members of CFCA – 50 EUR per each entry;

Class 14: 40 EUR per each entry; for members of CFCA – 35 EUR per each entry

All entries must be paid until April 21, 2019.


Size of cages is 70x70x70cm. Own cages are allowed.

If you wish to use your own show cages at the show, please inform Show Secretary, when sending your entries.


If you wish to place your advertisement in show catalogues, please send your applications to alex@cfca.lv until April 21, 2019.

Prices for advertisements, incl.VAT:

Colorful – A4 100 EUR, A5 – 50 EUR

Black & white – A4 60 EUR, A5 – 30 EUR


If you wish to book a place for your booth in the show hall, please send your applications to alex@cfca.lv


If you are interested in sponsorship, please send an e-mail to linda@cfca.lv


Tessa (www.tessa.lv)


During the show weekend there will be Riga Marathon 2019 (map) event happening in the city, therefore traffic restrictions are expected – we do recommend to plan extra time for arrival to show hall/hotel/airport.

We also recommend to book hotels and flights well in advance as many foreign participants are coming to this event as well.